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The Pure Hands Foundation

Pakistan Flood Relief Housing Programme

Pakistan Flood Relief Housing Programme

Following the devastating floods of September 2022, which affected over 33 million people in Pakistan, there is a dire need for people to start rebuilding their lives and their homes. 

These are people who were already living under the poverty line, living in mud constructed houses. Sadly, those houses were destroyed by the severe floods, resulting in them living in tents or straw constructed shelters. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to rebuild safe and secure homes for their families, especially with the current economic turmoil in Pakistan. Our aim is to eliminate this sad reality with your help.

Our Pakistan Flood Relief Housing Programme begins in Rajanpur, where we are looking to rebuild the community by providing safe and secure homes that every person deserves. These homes will be 15ft by 15ft brick constructed homes and a communal washroom for families, giving them security, shelter and privacy.

Option 1: For £700 you can build one 15ft by 15ft home for a family.

Option 2: Donate an amount of your choice to contribute towards a secure home for a family in Pakistan.

*Zakat Applicable

For more information visit our, Housing Programmes project page.

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