Sponsor A Family In Pakistan

It is estimated with the current economic and political turmoil in Pakistan, that 3 in 5 families are struggling to sustain themselves. With food prices, medical costs and living expenses on the rise daily people are struggling. With no access to funding or allowances, many families have nowhere to turn.

Our project starts in Jhelum, Pakistan where our first ‘sponsor a family’ programme has begun. From as little as £1 a day, £30 a month you can provide food essentials for a month to a family who has been widowed or where the breadwinner is unable to work due to disability.

We have found that these unfortunate circumstances mean that children are forced to drop out of school and work from a young age. In turn, this takes away their childhood and limits their future development in adult life.  By sponsoring a family, you are not only sustaining them with monthly food packages, but also giving the children the opportunity to continue with their education.

Here at The Pure Hands Foundation, we believe it is only right to provide food that we would like to be given, therefore we source only the highest quality of  foods for our packages. Our food packages are hand delivered monthly and include the following:

  • atta/flour (15kg)
  • cooking oil (2ltr)
  • ghee (1 packet)
  • rice (2kg)
  • sugar (3kg)
  • daal channa (500g)
  • daal moong (500g)
  • daal masoor (500g)
  • salt (2kg)
  • tea (500g)
  • red chilli powder (125g)
  • turmeric (125g)
  • coriander (125g)

All of our beneficiaries are vetted to understand their situation, they are then placed on a list awaiting a sponsor. We ask sponsors to commit to a minimum of 6 months, either as a monthly subscription or a one-off payment.

If you would like to sponsor a family in Pakistan, please visit our Sponsor A Family donation page.