Our Mission

Here at The Pure Hands Foundation, we have one simple rule - to serve humanity with a smile.

Why? I hear you ask…that is because a person’s mental well-being is the key to survival when placed in an unfortunate situation. We believe that making somebody smile in a bad situation wins 50% of the battle.

Our aim is to provide help and aid in all forms, to vulnerable people from all walks of life, all around the globe. We aim to help with:

  • Emergency Disaster Relief
  • Feeding people in need
  • Clean Water Projects
  • School and Housing Initiatives
Whatever and wherever the need is, we will be there.

Our donation policy is simple

100% of all monies raised at any time for any project will be spent directly on that cause. Expenses and logistics on the ground and of course the aid itself is where your money will be utilised. At The Pure Hands Foundation, we ensure that every penny goes towards the cause.

We currently have multiple projects and initiatives being set up, for more information please visit our Projects page. You can also keep up to date on our Blog and our social media (@thepurehandsfoundation).

Please help us to help humanity, one smile at a time :)