The Sara Ahmad Medical Welfare Trust

A healthcare system is one of the most essential pillars of any country.

The primary role of a healthcare system is to ensure that any person can get the best available health facilities in a timely, acceptable, affordable, and accessible manner.

However, for a healthcare system to function as such, it requires proper infrastructure and financial support. To a large extent, the healthcare system in Pakistan is facing several challenges. There is a massive shortage of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff. Most life-saving medications are too expensive for people to afford. At times, there is a shortage of medicines in the market.

Two parallel systems exist in the healthcare system of Pakistan. One consists of public hospitals, and the other consists of private hospitals. The former is short even of basic healthcare facilities, and the latter is too costly for the people of Pakistan to afford.

Here at The Pure Hands Foundation, we have developed The Sara Ahmad Medical Welfare Trust. Through the Trust, we have opened our first medical welfare dispensary in Rajanpur, Pakistan.

"As much as the thirsty need water, the sick need healthcare"

What we will provide?

Our in-house doctor will check each patient and our in-house pharmacist will prescribe them the necessary medicines. Our medical welfare dispensary in Rajanpur will open for 2 hours daily, between 4-6pm and will be accessible to the general public that struggle with private medical care.

How much does it cost?

We will provide the less fortunate with access to medical treatment. The medical welfare dispensary will cost 250,000 PKR* / £700 per month to run, with the support of your donations.

This is a free service for patients to be assessed, diagnosed, and treated by the doctor. There is small fee of 50 PKR / £0.15p if a prescription is required, however this is a set amount regardless of how many medicines or treatments are needed. The reason for this small fee is to deter people from abusing the service, without a genuine medical need.

Anyone who cannot afford the 50 PKR prescription fee, and is in need of medical treatment, will be assessed by the doctor and the prescription will be free of charge. We ensure that no person is left untreated, as our main priority is to provide accessible healthcare to those in need.

As we are a non-profit organisation the small fee charged to patients, will be donated back into the Trust, to continue to supporting the medical welfare dispensary.

For perspective, a regular doctors visit in Rajanpur would cost a minimum of 500 PKR* to be seen by the doctor, and a charge per medication / treatment at a minimum of 500 PKR*. Therefore, if a patient required malaria tablets this would cost them 1000 PKR* / £2.85. To us, £2.85 may not seem like a lot of money, however in Rajanpur this is equivalent to feeding their family for a week or clothing their child.

No person should have to choose between food and healthcare.

How can you help?

By subscribing to support The Sara Ahmad Medical Welfare Trust, you will be helping to provide relief to the poor and less fortunate from many illnesses and supporting their general healthcare.

Please help us to help humanity - one smile at a time.

If you would like to donate towards this cause, please visit our The Sara Ahmad Medical Welfare Trust donation page.


*Please note PKR/GBP rates are subject to change