Pakistan Flood Relief Housing Programme

In September 2022 the Pakistani province of Sindh and parts of southern Punjab were devastated by heavy monsoon rains which led to the worst floods ever recorded in Pakistan’s history. Over 33 million people were affected and around 1,700 people lost their lives. These floods significantly damaged houses, infrastructure and agriculture.

The houses in this part of Pakistan were mainly constructed using a combination of earth, straw, and mud, thus were susceptible to collapse and damage when faced with heavy rains and flooding. This resulted in the families that were affected living in tents or straw constructed shelters. The people of Sindh and the surrounding areas were already living below the poverty line before this catastrophic climate event took place and now they are truly struggling.

We are on the ground in Pakistan and our flood relief housing programme, which started in April 2023 is underway in the villages of Rajanpur.

Here at The Pure Hands Foundation, we aim to rehabilitate the infrastructure that was damaged by the 2022 floods, providing 15x15ft brick-built houses and washrooms for affected families offering safety, security and privacy. We plan to develop the area as much as we possibly can over the next few years to improve the quality of life of the families in these areas.

Phase 1 of our programme consists of building strong, weather resistant homes along with communal washrooms for hygiene.

Phase 2 of our programme will introduce education and schooling initiatives.

We are working with local non-government organisations in the area to gain an understanding of the needs and requirements of the locals. This is imperative, to be able to provide sustainable housing, resistant to all weather conditions.

The villages of Rajanpur do not have electricity to allow heating and cooling systems, therefore it is vital we use techniques that offer cool temperatures in the height of summer, but also insulation in the cooler months.

All materials used are locally and ethically sourced, enabling us to support local businesses whilst rebuilding the community.

If you would like to donate towards this cause, please visit our Pakistan Flood Relief Housing Programme donation page.